General Service / Cleaning

We believe you should be comfortable and confident with the operation of your gas fireplace. We offer an annual maintenance service designed to provide prolonged trouble free enjoyment of your gas unit. Below is a checklist of the services we would provide for your unit under this plan:

  • Clean fireplace cavities and heat exchanger area
  • Adjust burner and pilot to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Set up ceramic logs and install ember kit (where applicable)
  • Clean the glass
  • Clean the burner system
  • Check for proper pilot flame
  • Check valve(s)
  • Test fire the unit
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check vent for blockage or soot
  • Check thermogenerator and pilot positioning
  • Check Millivolts (thermopile)
  • Check Manometer reading for proper pressure
  • Check Venturi (air shutter)
  • Test all electrical components and connections
  • Test all options (fan and remote) for proper operation
  • Clean fan and remote
  • Check gasketing on glass assembly
  • Check safety pilot valve system
  • Explain start up/shut down procedure
  • Explain the general operation of gas fireplace to the homeowner
  • Explain procedure for glass cleaning and general care

The purpose of a general service / cleaning is to clean your gas unit so as to increase its efficiency. This service will give you the required annual inspection for proper operation of your gas fireplace. There is no warranty on tune-up work. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  If you need to cancel please call 24/48 hours prior to you appointment to let us know or there will be a cancellation fee.



Whether you need a fireplace diagnosis, repair or just an annual service, we have the qualified service team to assist you.

Our technicians are highly trained and with years of experience are equipped to service most brands and types of fireplaces, stoves and inserts. We work in a professional manner with qualifications you can trust to get the job done.

Need a service call on your fireplace, stove or insert? Contact us today (920) 725-5388.

Some helpful information to have when giving us a call:

  • Manufacturer of unit
  • Model number
  • Year of installation
  • Last date of service

If you can’t find all of this information, we can help you out when you give us a call.

It is recommended that all gas appliances are serviced on a regular basis to keep them running properly and efficiently and to help prevent costly repairs.